Library's Services

Library's Services

In order to direct and aid our library’s users in their search for information, FEPAM’s library offers the following services:

Local Inquiry

Available materials in the library such as books, periodicals, reference works, brochures, policies/regulations, monographs, multimedia (dds, video tapes, DVDs, etc.) are open to FEPAM’s community for local research and may be checked-out (except multimedia) for up to 2 hours in order to make copies (xerox).

Online Catalog

Terminals are located in the library where the user can search for a book by author, title, and by subject. One may reserve or renew a book at the terminal as well.

Take-Home Book Service

This service allows the FEPAM user to take home 3 (three) items for up to 7 (seven) days upon submission of his/her registration number (students) and CPF (faculty and staff).

Book Returns

All book/item returns are to be done directly with the library staff during opening hours. If the book/item is overdue, fines will be charged daily (this includes Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) an amount of R $ 1.00 (one real) for each publication. If the book/item is reserved, the amount of the fine will be doubled.

Lost or damaged items must be replaced by the user who checked out the item. It is also worth mentioning that all items considered “lost” that are turned in late are still subject to accumulating a fine. The user should inform the library of a lost item in order stop the accumulation of a heavy fine. In the case that these are printed items/materials, it will be up to the library to replace them.

Note: Only the undergrad students that are in no debt to the library are able to renew their enrollment.successfully renew the book, he/she will have to go to the library to do so.

Renewing Loans

In the case that the user wishes to keep the checked-out item for a longer period of time (if it is not already reserved), he/she can renew it through the online catalog, by telephone, or by personally going to the library with the item/material in hand.

Note: If one is to attempt a book renewal online, or by phone, it is recommended that it be done one day before the due date of the book. This being because if the user cannot .

Requesting Books/Items from Other Sites

The library’s users may reserve a desired book, even if that book is not physically available on the shelf. After the reservation is done, it will be made available for 24 hours. If the student does not come to claim the book, it is automatically passed on to the next reservation in line. By accessing their student portal, the library’s users can also make a reservation through the RMBiblios system. (Ask the IT manager for the link of the student portal).

Bibliographic Research

Consists of researching existing material in the library and online from subjects suggested by users upon request.

Dissemination of New Acquirements

Through displays, we disclose our latest purchases made by FEPAM’s library.

Exchange between Libraries

Service that provides a strong interaction between several libraries, by exchanging information and by exchanging publications.

Guided Tour

On the first visit to the library, the user will receive an explanation of the rules and procedures of the library as well as the user guide.

Bulletin Board

Space where external and internal events are announced to FEPAM’S academic community.